Syncora Guarantee Inc. provides credit enhancement for a wide range of products from public finance transactions to collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), consumer and commercial asset-backed securities (ABS) and other specialized, highly structured financial products.
Global Infrastructure
Syncora Guarantee Inc. professionals are specialists in enhancing the financing of public service facilities and major infrastructure improvements in a wide range of sectors, including transportation,hospitals, education, water and public service buildings.

Power & Utilities
The team at Syncora Guarantee Inc. has extensive experience in the financing of utilities around the world, giving us a unique insight into the specific needs of the industry, particularly in the electricity, natural gas and water sectors.

Specialized Risk
We have pioneered credit enhancement on a wide range of specialized asset classes, including future flow securitization, whole business and life insurance-related securitization, bank deposit insurance and International public finance projects.
Public Finance
From traditional municipal bond issues to more innovative structured financing solutions, our professionals help clients navigate the complexities of today’s dynamic capital markets with confidence.

Our team has expertise in all sectors of the CDO market, including collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), collateralized fund obligations (CFOs) and hybrid structures– along with the flexibility to look at new asset types and help shape new products to meet the needs of the market.


Asset-Backed Structured Finance
At Syncora Guarantee Inc., our team has extensive market knowledge and experience of the consumer and commercial ABS market across a broad range of asset classes from residential mortgages and credit cards, to equipment leases and trade receivables.

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